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written by Bella Palmer
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With so many options, picking an investment can be tricky. That is why you need the assistance of the best investment guides to decide on the best investment for your requirements. You may decide not to choose the investment and let someone else or the professional expertise do it for you. But, this also involves choosing the best investment guides so that you can invest rightly. You may need to select between funds and trusts, trackers and exchange traded funds, active and passive strategies which are possible by following the best investment guides. Once you are through this, you are into asset classes, regions and sectors. That’s why the role of best investment guides becomes so important.

To help you regarding the overall investing process, the best investment guides come as important source of information and guidance. You get expert opinions and views on funds and investment trusts that guide you in the right direction. Whether you are a first timer, experienced investor, income investors, or looking to emerging markets, the best investment guides will help you in deciding the best and most personalised investment for your requirements. The best investment guides guide you on the ways to invest in funds and the essentials.

Why invest in funds and investment trusts?

Investment is beneficial over the long term. A long term investment can grow your wealth and beat inflation. A number of investors prefer investing through funds and investment trusts. It is not like individual stocks in which all your eggs are in one basket. This offers you an opportunity to spread your investments and the associated risks.

In case of a tracker, you can spread your risk across a basket of shares or bonds. The best investment guides are prepared by people with a long history in the investment field. By following their advice and suggestions, you can expect the best returns on your investment.

Tracker funds and ETFs

These types of investments use computers to track a particular index, which may be a stock market. The Tracker funds and ETFs may be tilted towards a particular basket of investments. These types of investments are cheaper because they don't have to employ an expensive fund manager. By selecting this option, you don’t have to pick a fund manager, who may have underperformed tracker funds. Some best investment guides suggest using specialist trackers and ETF’s to target certain markets.


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