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written by Bella Palmer
return on investment
It the present times, increasing number of investors are turning to the stock market for achieving better returns on investment or ROI. According to the uk investment guides, low interest rates are driving investors to the stock markets.
Investing is taking risk with money but it should be invested intelligently. The uk investment guides suggest some calculated risks for getting better returns on investment. However, if you are going to invest your money in the market, you should be prepared for losing some or all of the money because the market fluctuates from time to time, which means that your money may become more or less depending on the market conditions.
The UK Investment Guides direct you in this regard so that you get the maximum ROI on your investments. The uk investment guides contain all the market related information at one place which makes it easy for you to invest your money quickly and without any hassles. By studying the uk investment guides regularly you can have the knowledge and experience for investing your money in the most efficient way. By going through the uk investment guides regularly, you can minimize your losses and maximize your ROI with minimum efforts.
UK Investment Guides recommend that before you invest your money in the market, it is important to assess your finances and have some safeguards in place to ensure a trouble-free investment and return on investment experience.
1. No debt
It is strongly advised by the uk investment guides to have your debts under control because the debt may overweigh your returns on investment. The best option would be to pay off all your debts before investing.
2. Get protected
Check your sick pay scheme if you are employed or have some income protection insurance if you are self-employed. You can also consider critical illness cover if you have a mortgage. You may have a death-in-service benefit but an additional policy is advisable.
3. Plan for retirement
State pension is not enough to sustain you in retirement and you will need more finances to maintain your lifestyle. The uk investment guides advise to make it sure that you have enough after contributing to your workplace pension scheme or a private pension. 
4. Ensure you have savings
It is mentioned in the uk investment guides to make sure that you have enough cash as an option. You should have spare cash to fall back on in case of any unforeseen or unpredictable situation as happened during the financial crisis. 


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